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The Swapcard Community @ LJ.com

Swapping Handmade Art Cards since June 9th, 2006

international project of swapping 4x6 art cards
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1. All cards must be:
10 X 15 cm


4 X 6 inches


artwork on one side only.

2. All cards must be original artworks by the community member.
Collages or mixing of previous artworks are allowed- as long as they make a completely new artwork.

3. Cards must be completely handmade. Photos included on the card must be taken by the cardmaker.

4. Cards must be made out of cardboard and of reasonable thickness (no floppy cards). They should be somewhat durable.

5. If you are making copies* of the same card please remember to number them (on the back).
For eg. You are making 10 cards. Your first copy would be 1/10, then 2/10, 3/10 etc.

6. The back of the card should have "The Swapcard Community @ LJ.com" written- so members know it's an official swapcard from this community.

7. Any form of pornography is banned completely. Only artistic nudes under lj cuts.

*copies means a duplicate of a particular card, but each card is handmade so there may be slight variations in detail. Even copies must be handmade each.

Swapping art as of June 9th, 2006

This community is for generous, creative people who enjoy making art (serious or for fun!) and would like to share their creations with others. A swapcard is a 10 X 15 cm (or 4x6 inch) completely handmade card with one side decorated on by any medium of the maker's choice.

Pen, pencil, ink, paint, collage, cutouts, prints, beads, string, photos, any medium within the card space is allowed. The subject matter is also up to the creator, poetry/prose is allowed.

Once these lovely handmade creations are made they are posted in the community for trade. Trade with someone else's card - Swapcard.

Please read the rules before joining. Join up to the fun by clicking here, then add us to your friend's page. Look at other people's swapcards and make/get your own!

Note: Only members who have posted their email here may post entries. It probably makes sense if others want contact details to swap cards. Only those interested in participating in swapping need do this.


Help spread the word about us.

Just copy the html below and paste it into your profile.

Happy Swapcarders!

Affiliated with artist_cards and punktiert!

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1. Trade ratio is 1:1
No compromises. No 3 for 1 deals etc.

2. Please post a picture of your finished swapcard once you've made it on the community. If you have more than one image please *lj-cut* it. Don't know how? Click here.

Fill out this form to post finished cards: Simply copy and paste in journal entry.

Note: 'signed' refers to writing 'The Swapcard Community @ LJ.com' on the back of the finished card.

3. Please keep posted images to 300x400 pixels approx. We don't want giant pictures eating our friend's pages. You may post a larger, more detailed picture under a lj-cut.

4. We have an email directory of all members to find contact details concerning trades. I encourage emails not be disclosed outside this directory, as this directory can only be viewed by members.

5. If a card has not been received within 2 weeks, the member responsible may be banned unless the delay is due to circumstances beyond their control- which should be explained reasonably within that time.

This is to ensure that all cards are being swapped and no one is being ripped off.
Please report cases directly to either solipsized or git2.

6. Privacy: No (snail)mailing addresses will ever be disclosed on the community.

Emails in the directory will not be seen by nonmembers and will not be given to any third parties by the maintainers. Any member distributing/spamming emails from the directory will be banned.
Report them to us.

Mailing addresses should be mailed between members through email. It is however, your responsibility for disclosing any personal information to others.