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17th-Jul-2007 08:36 pm - New peeps!
I've updated the directory with tag links to: dorkforsale122, _corrosif and sweetmagdeline. Check out their cards :)


If there is anyone new and hasn't had their tags set up or added to the directory please let me know here.
17th-Jul-2007 08:25 pm - Voting voting voting for August
# Your Country
# We're The Size of Ants
# Postsecret
# What is a Swapcard?
# Favourite Food
# Pollock fun: drip paintings
# Relationships
# Landscapes
# Your Dream House
# Still Life
# Soap Opera
# Shoes

Past themes: band lyrics, christmas, monsters, musical instruments, past present future, flowers, zodiac signs, quote from a book, portraits, manimals, where you live.

Feel free to make from past themes, just remember to tag it appropriately. :)
9th-Jul-2007 05:59 pm - +1 theme

Status: Available for Trade
Finished date: july 5th
Mediums used: watercolor and ink
Mentionable features: the orange is just bg, the card is 4x6 rives BFK but the girl was painted on a 5x7 piece of arches watercolor paper so it sticks out a bit
Signed: yes
Contact: in directory
1st-Jul-2007 08:54 pm - +1 theme

Status: Available for Trade
Finished date: may 23rd
Mediums used: watercolor, white-out, ink
Mentionable features: lyrics courtesy of Fleetwood Mac, haha. Ummm the card dimensions are actually 5 x 7
Signed: sure
Contact: in directory
2nd-Jul-2007 01:47 am - July Theme
Since I was being a bad maintainer I forgot to put up the post to vote for this month's theme.

Therefore, I'm going with the next highest vote ref and that's...

25th-Jun-2007 04:53 pm - First Submission
el tee, k shlogger

Status: Available for Trade
Finished date: 06/25/07
Mediums used: Glue, Stickers, Paper, Random magazine pictures, Cardboard
Mentionable features: favorite part is the quote; "This is the era of spoken word. But is it worth listening to?"
Contact: in directory

more in THE CUT!Collapse )

alrighty, let me know! :D
19th-Jun-2007 05:53 pm - cardsss
I have two cards available for trade for the theme of where you live...

HerrrreCollapse )
13th-Jun-2007 04:40 pm - Recieved!
Thanks bluecontourand git2 I recieved your cards a while ago and they are both beautiful!
I'm hoping to see some more new cards come up and to create some more of my own. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather (atleast in my hemisphere ; )
5th-Jun-2007 02:31 pm - first
this is my first posted card, which i gave to my friend as a happy-graduation type thing. he is really into music and his name is dustin, so i ripped out the first page i turned to in the "d" section of a music dictionary i had. i guess it would go under the category of "portraits" even though thats not this months theme... sorry :( thought i would post anyway. you likey?

larger version hereCollapse )
Status: not available
Finished Date: 6/1/2007
Mediums Used: sharpie, black watercolor, scrapbook paper, photo edges, ripped-out page of a pocket music dictionary
Signed: i forgot, whoops.
Contact: in directory


p.s. i love to make these stencil-type portrait things, so send me a picture, and i'll see if i can make something out of it! :)
1st-Jun-2007 03:22 pm - June 2007 Theme
1 for Pollock
1 for Where You Live
1 for Portraits
1 for We Are The Size of Ants

So the decision depends on one vote and I haven't voted yet...
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